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New Zealand’s Biggest Bathroom Design Trends for 2023

Green bathroom design in NZ with plants and natural light

New Zealand’s Biggest Bathroom Design Trends for 2023

In 2022, we saw many trends arise in NZ bathroom design, and with everyone only coming out of lockdown now, it is no wonder why. While many trends come and go, we have picked several trends to carry into 2023.

Everyone deserves their home to be a sanctuary, especially their bathroom! Get some amazing NZ bathroom design ideas and overall inspiration below.

Patterned Tiles

A new NZ bathroom design trend that has cropped up is patterned tiles. In New Zealand and worldwide, we see elegant bathrooms embracing patterns. It is important to note that patterns do not need to be loud or colourful. People often think “outlandish” when they hear “pattern”. The patterned tile trend can be neutral and simple while still adding a timeless richness to your bathroom.

Aged Brass

Aged brass accents are a growing trend. When it comes to NZ bathroom design, minimalism is always trending. However, brass accents are the perfect way to give a minimalist bathroom character. The contrast of modern and rustic brings a homely touch to your bathroom.

The best part about aged brass is that it never looks old or weathered. We can see this trend enduring for some time, as it also goes with all colour schemes. Aged brass works in almost any bathroom design, offering the perfect contrast for tiled bathrooms and an elegant edge to classic marble bathrooms.

Free-Standing Baths are Here to Stay

A standalone bath used to be merely a feature you saw in magazines. However, with free-standing baths becoming ever more present in NZ bathroom design, it has become more accessible. If you have the space, nothing is chicer than a free-standing bath. After a long hard day, a gorgeous bubble bath will be that element of luxury that makes you look forward to coming home.

Green Bathrooms

We can see a natural design scheme trending in bathroom design and all living space design. Green cabinetry and tiling are everywhere, and in 2022, many celebrities showed off their green bathrooms and kitchens. Psychologically, green has calming effects, and it’s becoming easier to introduce these bursts of colour as products like coloured ceramics for baths and basins become more available. Bringing the outside into your home is a great way to keep your bathroom fresh and vibrant. Try indoor plants to turn your bathroom into a botanical spa.

Double Vanity Units

In 2022 varying double vanity units can be seen in NZ bathroom designs. Double vanities add a touch of glamour to your bathroom and make you feel like royalty. Double vanities are not only grand but practical. You and your partner have space to enjoy grooming in a designated area. Vanities have been around for generations. This sophisticated item brings old-school Hollywood glamour into your home.

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