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How to Choose the Best Renovation Company

Planning an interior renovation

How to Choose the Best Renovation Company

Renovations can be complex and challenging, particularly when self-managing renovations with lots of different trades. Hoping they’ll turn up when they say they will, taking time out of your busy days, and dealing with the delays and no-shows can be stressful. There’s always an element of risk when it comes to choosing your contractor. Will they do the job properly? Will they stay within budget?

You need to find a renovation company that you trust, who can project-manage the renovation end-to-end, do a good job, and stay within the original quote. As with anything that could impact the value of your home and your family’s financial health, a certain amount of due diligence is required (aka asking questions and getting clear answers). Here are a few things to look out for when choosing the best renovation company for your project.

Do They Project-Manage?

The last thing you want when dealing with renovations is to be constantly chasing up different tradespeople and making sure that all involved parties are able to work around each other. If you choose a home interior renovation company that offers a turnkey service, you won’t have to stress about coordinating multiple different companies. Companies like HomePro project-manage your renovations, working together with clear communication in a stress-free manner to deliver professional results you can trust.

Ask About Estimates

You don’t want to be hit by a huge, unexpected bill when your project is complete. A good renovation company will be upfront and honest about what everything is expected to cost and will let you know immediately if anything changes. At HomePro, our detailed estimates are broken down into specific labour costs, materials, fixtures, and fittings, so you can easily change or fine-tune the components to suit your budget.

Are They Fully Certified?

If you want your work carried out to a guaranteed high standard, you need to use qualified tradesmen who can certify every aspect of their work. HomePro only employs New Zealand qualified tradesmen who are registered members of their trade industry bodies. If your project involves structural changes or a substantial amount of carpentry, this is especially important. 

Check Previous Work and Client Testimonials.

Most renovation specialists will have a portfolio displaying examples of previous jobs they have completed for future customers to look at. This is a great way to figure out if a company is the right fit for your personal project, so ask to see projects that are similar to yours. Enquire about how much they cost to get an idea of what is within your budget. Ask for references from previous clients. Written references are okay but they’re not as reliable as a quick phone call, so ask your contractor if you can get in touch with previous clients.

Looking for the best renovation Company? Choose HomePro

HomePro saves you time, money, and stress by providing a turnkey renovation solution. We deliver quality kitchen, bathroom, and interior renovations in Auckland North Shore, Central Auckland, and West Auckland kitchen. Our team is dedicated to the highest standards of workmanship that stand the test of time. Get in touch with us today and get your project started.

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